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2x Adelaide 910 Club stickers
Adelaide 910 club members stickers. You get two stickers in each set. Pick exact model from the drop down menu and feel free to change the text too.
2x Lowered Nissan 350z / Fairlady Z32 CUSTOM TEXT silhouette stickers
2x Low 350z / Fairlady Z personalized car silhouette stickers.
2x Nissan 350z / fairlady Z32 CUSTOM TEXT stickers
2x 350z / fairlady Z personalized car stickers.
Datsun 240z stanced .custom add YOUR Text & Font. Silhouette sticker
'Custom text 240z' vinyl stickers. These are die cut vinyl stickers with no background colour. the car silhouette is one colour, the tail lights will always stay red, the "glass" rear panel and wheel dish etc is all transparrent.